Marriage Proposal 101

Getting Down on One Knee

Picture of a man asking a woman’s hand in marriage

Who does not love a breathtaking wedding proposal? Certainly not us!

Wedding proposals marks the initiation of engagement, a mutual promise of later marriage, a promise to living happily forever, a … we can go on and on.

What makes a wedding proposal magical?

A good number of men have embraced the surprise factor and are going all out to propose to that special someone. Coming up with a proposal plan and preparing for execution in secret can be quite overwhelming. Hakuna Matata Dear Reader, just follow these tips to create that magical moment;

1. Started from the bottom now we’re here

Select a sentimental location, an example is a restaurant where you had your first date, shared your first kiss, or the spot where you met each other. Trust us when we say a lot of feelings would rush after your little storytelling – going back to that locale as the setting for your proposal signifies that your relationship has come a long way.

2. Speak from your heart.

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My heart beats for you

All planning and no words make your proposal a boring one – Anyone can plan a proposal, but it’s the words you say that make your proposal truly one of a kind. Yes! you have told her what you love about her but you also need to tell her when you first knew she was the one. Then spice it up by sharing what you want your future together would look like.

Whatever you do, DO NOT READ WORD FOR WORD FROM A WRITTEN SPEECH. You can sound awkward or lose that connection of looking into her eyes, and you don’t want to leave her wondering if you found the quotes online. Just jot down some key phrases or things you want to mention on a “cheat sheet” and you’ll be fine. 

Don’t forget to breathe! Speak slowly, and if you can shed some tears please do!!! That act makes it simply unforgettable.

3. Do it earlier in the evening.
Instead of proposing at the end of the night, after a romantic dinner, movie, or some other activity, start at the place where you’ll pop the question and then enjoy an evening filled with events that you’ve planned. That way, you won’t be nervous all night.

Plus, she gets an entire night of wearing and showing off that engagement ring.

4. Show her a video of you asking her parents for their blessing
If you previously talked to her parents about engaging their daughter – because that’s how star do, please and pleaseeeeeee let her enjoy that moment as well.

Extra Sauce: If your girlfriend has kids, show her a video of you asking them if they’d be okay with you proposing to their Mom.

5. Not everyone likes being the centre of attention 

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Make sure she’s up for a public proposal before you plan something elaborate involving a large crowd of people.

Dear Reader with these few points of ours, we can only further wish you a happily forever ever after! Did we help you picture the perfect proposal? Kindly share other tips with us in the comment section below.👇