The Genesis

So I thought to finally start this blog for many reasons including to get you to know the brand better. In this post, I will be telling you how the whole event planning biz started.  Subsequent posts will definitely include tips on how to plan events, some DIY decorations and other related stuff.

A picture of a planner


Flashback to how it all started. Trust me, I was never a fan of owanbes growing up and if I remember clearly, I have only been on two bridal trains. The first, I played little bride with this really cute boy… so sad I couldn’t get his number, lol.


The second, I used connection to make it to my brother’s bridal party and that’s all. Don’t judge me.

A picture of the bridal party


Yeah I said I never really attended parties with my parents but I sure celebrated every birthday from a year old till eternity. It so happens that my birthday falls in between Christmas and New year.

Did I forget to mention that it was a tradition for us to host guests yearly? Our Christmas parties were always lit! Well, up till my Daddy passed on.

Aside being 100% Ijebu blood, it happens that my parents always prepare and plan for other people’s party like it’s theirs. I remember one time my dad rented a canopy bigger than the direct family’s own which made it look like he was trying to steal their shine… well you can guess how it ended.

Long story short, event planning more like runs in the blood although I didn’t realize my knacker for it until I hosted the first 57 party and it turned out great. I mean that party was ‘shiznit’! Permit me, I don’t even know what that means.

A picture from the 57 party

Summary of this whole epistle is that I plan events, I enjoy it and could put all my planning passion into your events, should you let me. And, nice person that I am, I will be here to offer you insights and tips on your mini events planning; if you sincerely think you wouldn’t want me to take the burden of planning off you.

I can’t tell how often I would be putting up posts, but you would get a message from me when next I post.

You can stop smiling and drop your comments below.